Friday, 2 October 2015

Root doesn't work El Captain

System Integrity Protection(SIP)

This feature has been has been added to OSX 10.11 to enhance the existing security of the system files. Under this feature the system files, processes, folders aren't allowed to be tempered by other other processes or even by the root user i.e. sudo.

System files and some folder are also flagged for protect with extended file system.

NOTE: Under Extended File System some of the computer files are associated with meta data which are then not interpreted by file system. Unlike forks they aren't large in size.

Among the protect locations are: /System, /bin, /sbin and /usr (but not /usr/local).

Kernel will not allow processes to write flagged files or folders. Processes including code injection and running attachment(like debugging). Kernel Extention(Kexts), such as drivers, can't be installed without approval from Apple, a feature that was installed in OSX Yosemite.

After El Captain installation the installer will move all unknown components within protection system location to a location as shown below.

More about SIP can be read from Wikipedia link here

Q. How to disable SIP?  
A. Restart your pc. On computer startup press Command + R keys. You will land in apple's recovery. From there open terminal App.

In terminal write the following command: csrutil enable --without debug

Now type command reboot in terminal to restart your pc. You are done. 

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